(Detox) Restoring Cellular Communication

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A Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways ‘Detox’ Program (RCCP) unblocks drainage channels and clarifies nutritional uptake to prepare the body for deeper, safer detoxification.

For those who have been following the latest breakthroughs in biology and nutrition, it is clear that cellular communication is absolutely vital when it comes to establishing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and heart. According to cellular biologists, cellular communication happens by way of receptor cell membranes, confirming that proper cellular communication only occurs when cell membranes are clear of “obstacles to cure” as per Hahnemann.

The workings of a suitable environment for cells (known as the extracellular matrix, or ECM, and ground regulation) has occupied the European medical tradition since the early part of the 20th century. Cellular pathologists and biochemists have long sought to map networks of cell communication and microcirculation in the ECM. It is now clear that the first signals of xenobiotic interference register in the connective tissue. “Healing can only be fully accomplished when the extracellular matrix is sufficiently clarified and the cells are well nourished and hydrated”

All channels for drainage must be open prior to detoxification. This includes the primary “local” glands and organs of elimination (e.g. liver, kidney, lung, colon, etc.) as well as “systemic” pathways of elimination (e.g. ECM, lymph etc.). Both pathways (local and systemic) must be operating in concert with one another to prevent translocation and re-toxicification at deeper levels (see BioToxicosis).

RCCP also helps to clarify nutritional uptake. When an individual is deficient in ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc., the healing process will be challenged. Without resolution, these factors, in combination with dehydrated and acidic cells, will become an obstacle to cure.  Re-establishing the nutritional foundation whilst opening the drainage pathways prior to xenobiotic detoxification brings substantial and sustaining results, regardless of the condition.


  • ReHydrate
  • SpectraLyte
  • GALT Fortifier
  • CataZyme-7
  • Flora Syntropy
  • Nat Body CLR
  • Nat Colon CLR
  • RCCP Booklet  (patient)
  • Detox Solution Book by Dr. P. Fitzgerald

Alternative detoxification product: Core Restore Vanilla or Core Restore Chocolate by Orthomolecular.

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