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Ultimate Fields



Concentrated Spagyric Tincture (2 oz.)

Multi-frequency chronic and transgeUltimate Fields is a powerful Spagyric blend of the emotional flower remedies that were initially attributed to Dr. Edward Bach. The subtle vibrational
energies of the flower essences assist in realigning the emotional patterns of dysfunction, thus facilitating the return of physical and mental vitality. The combination of 38 Flowers in one bottle provides broad spectrum emotional support, allowing the body, in its wisdom, to select the frequencies that are required at each stage of the healing process.
Ultimate Fields was designed specifically to be custom potentized (imprinted) or custom grafted with Bach flowers, Australian Bush Flowers, Perelandra, Emvita, Chakras, etc. and other psychological/emotional “interventions” allowing for a completely customized emotional remedy designed for the patient all conveniently contained in just one bottle. nerational sarcode and 38 traditional psyche-emotional flower essences.