Do we take insurance?

Insurance is not accepted at Purist Natural Medicine. Payment is required at the time of service, however we are happy to offer a superbill/service summary that has all the billing codes so that you may work with your insurance company to see if they can get reimbursed for care. Whether or not your insurance company will cover any or all of your visits can also largely depend on the type of coverage you have.

How do I schedule?

Call 805-270-5063 or email info@puristnaturalmedicine.com with a few days/times that may work for you.

How long is the visit?

The length of the visit varies depending on service. Initial Visits are 60-75 min. Follow-ups may be 30-45min. Short check-ins can be 10-25 minutes. Micro Needling Facials and Hair Restoration treatments typically take 60 minutes.

Can I schedule a visit virtually?

Yes! Virtual visits or telemedicine visits are available. Typically we recommend meeting in-person for the first visit, but lab review or follow-up visits may be conducted over the phone.

What services to do you provide?

We offer a multitude of services with an emphasis in natural pain management therapies: Ozone, Prolo therapy and PRP and Micro Needling Facials with PRP. Our services are aimed at getting your physiology back to homeostasis and helping you meet your health goals.  You can read more about our services on the services page.