Ozone Far Infrared Sauna (All-included Package)

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This Ozone, Far Infrared Sauna Dome Package contains:

  1. Ozone-ready Far Infrared Sauna Dome ($2,195)
  2. Ozone generator 03Arc Digital ($1,495)
  3. 2 Pre-filled oxygen tanks with regulator ($399.90)


Ozone Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Combine  far infrared sauna dome with ozone and take your routine to the next level.

This far infrared sauna dome is an ideal choice for infrared heat therapy or to combine infrared with ozone. Materials are ozone-compatible. **Price  is a package to include the sauna dome, ozone generator, oxygen source and oxygen regulator.**

Return information: Non-returnable due to sanitation concerns. A 5% cancellation fee will be charged on sauna orders if the payment has already been processed and the sauna has not yet shipped

Far infrared, an invisible part of the light spectrum, is a deep penetrating heat that inspires sweating at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. It absorbs easily and can aid in improving circulation and detoxification.

Ozone therapy is used around the world because of its ability to neutralize bacteria and viruses and for a long list of other reasons. Put the two together and you have a great team. The sauna has been modified to make it ozone-compatible and features an easy to use ozone port.

Improved exposure to far infrared: There are no dead spots in this sauna. The interior is covered with a heating element so your entire body is bathed with infrared. Because the element is closer to you, you are exposed to stronger infrared at the ideal wavelengths. It doesn’t dissipate over distance.

Lying down can be better: When sitting, gravity presses down on your body in a less beneficial way. By lying down in a dome sauna, you’re not only more relaxed and comfortable, but your nervous and cardiovascular systems are relieved and you don’t have the additional stress of maintaining proper posture.

Circulation, immunity and detoxification: Far infrared helps improve oxygenation and circulation, which promotes toxin discharge and the exchange of nutrients between cells. Higher body temperatures can cause immune chemical increases that can aid in improving general health and healing.

***Price includes everything you need for Ozone Sauna Therapy***

  1. Far Infrared Sauna Dome
  2. Ozone generator
  3. Oxygen tank + Oxygen regulator

All items are included in this Ozone Package.

More Features & Specs:

  • Modified to be ozone-compatible
  • Easy to use ozone port
  • Perfect for home or spa use
  • Body mat is water proof
  • Adjustable shell can be pulled out to 72″ long, 18″ high and 25″ wide
  • Far infrared heating element covers entire interior of the dome
  • Temperature: 100-160 degrees after 5-10 minute warmup
  • Separate timer for lower and upper sections with continuous time or auto shutoff options
  • Doesn’t take up much space, only 1.5′ x 2.5′ x 3′ when nested
  • Easy to clean
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • ETL approved
  • Mahogany frame with naugahyde outer layer
  • Weight: approximately 50 pounds
    110V/60 Hz, 750 watts

Warranty: Three years on the shell, two years on controls. Ozone use will not void warranty.

Return information: Non-returnable due to sanitation concerns. A 5% cancellation fee will be charged on sauna orders if the payment has already been processed and the sauna has not yet shipped.

Ozone Generator

The O3Arc Digital Ozone Generator is the next generation in ozone production.

Ultra stable and ultra pure ozone. State-of-the-art components made and manufactured in the USA.

The O3Arc is the next generation in ozone production. Two models make it easy to choose the machine that best matches your needs, while the specialized ozone cell provides pure ozone, tested to be free of contaminates and byproducts.

O3Arc Ozone Generators create ultra-stable ozone concentrations up to 90 ug/ml at 1/16 LPM.  The O3Arc Standard is perfect for all ozone therapy applications including home use and ozone saunas.

The state-of-the-art digital display of this ozonator allows you to choose the specific output needed, and the built-in timer can be used to automatically turn off the ozone at the proper time. More information on all of the features of these units can be found below.

Ultra Stable, Ultra Pure

The O3Arc utilizes a specialized cell to produce ozone. Standard cells are usually tubes, but we have unrolled ours to double the surface area. This allows the cell to dissipate heat much more efficiently, even at lower flow rates. As a result, the ozone is stable, and with our digital power settings, you can be assured you are receiving the exact amount of ozone you want.

Like our O3Elite Ozone Generators, the O3Arc uses alumina oxide ceramics as the dielectric. These ceramic dielectrics are placed on both sides of the ozone cell. Combined with high grade Teflon tubing and 316 stainless steel fittings, the O3Arc produces ozone free from contaminates. We know because we had it tested.


  • High quality flat ceramic ozone cell
  • Ultra pure and ultra stable ozone outputs up to 90 ug/ml
  • Tested to be free of contaminates and byproducts
  • Digital power and timer settings
  • 316 stainless steel fittings
  • Made with components A+ rated for ozone
  • Made and assembled in the United States
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 18 watts.
  • Amps: 1.5
  • Standard US 2 prong style plug
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 9″ x 3.5″
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the cell, five years on the digital control and auxiliary port

Pre-filled Oxygen Tanks with Regulator

Prefilled oxygen tanks are an ideal choice for high purity oxygen to ensure accuracy when used with ozone generator.

O2Ready Oxygen Tanks ship already filled with 99.999% pure oxygen. This is USP grade and aviation grade oxygen. These tanks use their own regulator which can be reused from tank to tank. The regulators allow you to use the standard low flow rates required to ensure the accuracy of most ozone equipment. These tanks are 1000 psi tanks.

How long do they last?

O2Ready tanks hold 116 liters of oxygen. It depends on how often you use the tank. See the examples below.

Examples (continuous flow)

With a flow rate of 1/8 LPM you can get about 928 minutes or 15.5 hours of continuous use.

With a flow rate of 1/16 LPM you can about 2400 minutes or 40 hours of continuous use.

How do I know this is right for me?

O2Ready is ideal if you want oxygen sent directly to you to ensure the accuracy of your ozone equipment.

How to purchase

O2Ready Tanks come in packs of two, four, six or twelve. Choose the number above. If you’ve purchased some in the past and already have a regulator, you will not need another. If this is your first purchase, you will need to add on a regulator above in order to use your tanks. Why would you want multiple tanks? Having extra tanks keeps you covered.

Note: Tank colors may vary. These tanks are not refillable.