Mycelia Intrinsic

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Concentrated Nanosphere Liposome Botanical Tincture (2 oz.)

Botanical causal chain blend of concentrated beta-glucan rich mushrooms to support and maintain normal immune response

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Mycelia Intrinsic provides immune support and modulation. Liposome Mycelia Intrinsic is far superior to other capsule, tablet or liquid Chinese-based, mushroom formulas due to the liposome delivery system that ensures immediate assimilation into the blood supply, as it by passes the acidic environment of the stomach. Liposomes are closed, spherical lipid vesicles, composed of a phospholipid bi-layer membrane with an aqueous core. The presence of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic components enables them to carry both fat-soluble and water soluble materials. Orally administered liposome preparations are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the sublingual mucosa, or Peyer’s Patches in the small intestine. Once inside the body, they are able to fuse with the plasma membrane, delivering their contents directly to the inside of the cell. Liposome delivery systems are fast, effective and easily assimilated into the body. A higher purity and unique liposome encapsulation delivers approximately 300% more CoQ10 through to the digestive system. Mycelia Intrinsic is a central remedy when dealing with the necessity of providing immune support and modulation to counter the increasing burden of pathogenic pressures.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for over 2,000 years. The earliest recorded use was found in the Chinese Materia Medica for Maitake mushroom, dates around 220 AD. With the challenge to our cellular health by free radicals, pollution, stress, bacteria, viruses, poor lifestyle choices etc., the relevance to our health and well being provided by these mushrooms has never been greater! Scientific and ethno-medical research extols the nutritive, protective and healing properties of medicinal mushrooms. The therapeutic effects of medicinal mushrooms are mostly due to their polysaccharide content and each mushroom contains different beneficial polysaccharides. Beta glucans are polysaccharide chains that promote the immune modulation effects of medicinal mushrooms, as they have the ability to enhance macrophage and T-cell production and activation. Mycelia Intrinsic is a unique blend of six highly potent mycelium from organic and wildcrafted sources, Spagyrically processed, and formulated in consideration of TCM and balancing Ying/Yang principles. This exceptional blend of mushrooms offers the highest content of Beta glucans 1-3D/1-6D to provide intense support and modulation of the immune system. The compounds contained in these mushrooms have been classified as Host Defense Potentiators (HDP) because of their immune system enhancement properties. Research indicates that combination of mushrooms in Mycelia Intrinsic may be effective in the prevention and treatment of tumor-related conditions. They may also provide anti-viral control, stimulate antibody production and increase T-cell and NK cell production in the body. The added support provided by this formula gives the body the ammunition it needs to fight pathogens, including the gram negative spiral bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease and the viruses responsible for Hepatitis.

The Intrinsic Spagyric Botanicals are handmade remedies manufactured in accordance with the proven laws and time-honoured processes of Spagyrism, laid down hundreds of years ago. It takes 60-90 days to make the concentrated tincture which has been decanted into a 60mL cobalt blue bottle (protects the remedy). Labelling and bottling are performed without electricity. All raw materials are bio-dynamically grown or wildcrafted, and draw from the finest ancient and modern traditions of herbal medicine from the West, Ayurvedic India, South American Amazon, and Traditional Chinese Botanicals. The name of the (ethno) Intrinsic formulas represents the keynote focal remedy ingredients to which the other ingredients constellate, differentiate and amplify.

Causal Chain Ingredients:

Caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps sinensis), himematsutake (Agaricus blazeii), maitake (Grifolia frondosa), reishi (Ganaoderma lucidum), shiitake (Lentinus edodes), turkey tail (Coriolus versicolor), naturally occurring trace minerals (magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, fulvic acid, potassium), shilajit 8-10:1 extract.

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