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Ultimate Phenolics

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Concentrated Phenolic Tincture (2 oz.) Multi-frequency homeopathic combination to relieve symptoms associated with multiple sensitivities


Ultimate Phenolics is a Spagyric homeopathic blend of 37 phenolics designed to address the toxic burden of today’s world. Each phenolic is designed in a homaccord potency of 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X, 12CH, 30CH, 60CH, 200CH, ensuring clarification at multiple levels. Ultimate Phenolics is fully customizable, making it an effective and efficient solution for any desensitization protocol.
A doctor once reported that, “… phenolics are what makes life worth living”. They are the colors, flavours, smells, natural preservatives, neurotransmitter and hormonal expressions of the Vital Force. They are also the reactive agents in foods, allergies, supplements, drugs, chemicals, perfumes, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, dental products, pollens, dust, molds, etc. These phenolics are inhaled, ingested and consumed. They are often processed slowly by compromised detoxification systems, thereby creating sensitivity challenges for people.
Conventional medicine defines an allergic reaction as the production of IgE antibodies in response to antigenic proteins. While phenolics compounds do not act as antigens themselves, they are believed to be capable of becoming antigenic once they enter the body of sensitive individuals. Complaints such as headaches from eating chocolate, or an itchy, swollen tongue from ingesting a piece of fruit are common reactions in those who are sensitive to phenolics. Multiple chemical sensitivities, adverse reactions to virtually all foods, Chronic Fatigue, Asthma, chronic respiratory complaints, ADD/ADHD and Autism are all indications of possible sensitivity to phenolic compounds.
Additional symptoms associated with phenolics
may include :
• Diarrhea, bloating, and gas
• Dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis
• Arthritis and rheumatism
• Nausea, dizzy spells
• Tachycardia and hypertension
• Inability to concentrate, memory lapses
Research has shown that homeopathic doses of phenolic compounds can help neutralize their adverse effects, dramatically decreasing the allergic load on the body. This can be useful to provide relief to those who seemingly react to everything, allowing time to re-establish correct cellular communication and detoxification pathways.
Causal Chain Ingredients: Each of the following at 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X, 12C, 30C, 60C, 200CH: acetalcholine chloride, acetaldehyde, apiolum, ascorbic acid, BHT, caffeic acid, candida albicans, chloragenic acid, cinnamic acid, coniferyl alcohol, coumarin, dopamine, estrogen, GABA, gallic acid, histamine, indole, L-dopa, malvin, mannan, melatonin, menadione, norepinephrine, octopamine, phenylalanine, phenylisothiocyanate, phloridzin, piperine, progesterone, pyrole, quercetin, rutin, salsolinol, serotonin, taurine, testosterone, tryptophan, ATP 5X, mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6CH.
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