GB Milieu (Homeopathic)

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Concentrated Homeopathic Milieu Tincture (2 oz.)

Aids and provides homeopathic support and drainage in gallbladder and biliary tree causal chain imbalances.


Between meals, resistance to flow through the sphincter of Oddi (at the end of the pancreatic and bile ducts in the liver) is high and bile excreted by the liver is diverted to the gallbladder. After feeding, the resistance to the flow through the sphincter of Oddi is reduced and the gallbladder contents and bile enters the duodenum, where it assists in the digestive process. This motor response of the biliary tract is affected by the hormone cholecystokinin, released by the upper intestinal mucosa in response to food, particularly fats.

Imbalances in this network may lead to biliary stasis, infection and a multitude of compromised metabolic states. Conditions of low functioning gallbladder are often missed, yet may well be at the core of a wide range of health challenges. For example, a low functioning gall-bladder may be associated with cholesterol problems, “stones”, liver congestion, E. coli infections, Ascaris lumbricoides (large intestinal worm) infestation, structural pain (upper right quadrant), hiatal hernia, ileo-cecal valve (ICV) problems, all manner of colon problems (diverticulosis, Crohn’s, etc.), pancreatitis, hormone imbalances, etc.
Over the years many practitioners have “jumped” to gallbladder and liver cleanses using variations of olive oil, apple juice and disodium phosphates, etc. Patients have reported feeling better on these protocols and gall bladders often have been saved from the knife. However, gallbladders, while resilient, are typically overworked and damage sets in over the years.
Pain in the upper back! (Right side). Drainage and tonification must be included before, during, and after any protocol that relates to the gallbladder. GB Milieu was specifically designed to assist in the gentle drainage and tonification of the gallbladder and liver.

GB Milieu Causal Chain Ingredients:

Atropinum sulphuricum 12X, antimonium tartanium 200CH, carduus marianus 1X, 3X, chelidonium majus 12X, echinacea angustifolia 1X, 3X, fel tauri 4X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 200X, hydrastis canadensis 1X, 3X, leptandra virginica 12X, liver 3X, 6X, 12X, magnesia phosphorica 6X, peumus boldus 1X, 3X, podophyllum peltatum 12X, taraxacum officinale 1X, 3X, gall bladder 3X, 6X, 12X, bile ducts 3X, 6X, 12X, beta vulgaris 1X, 3X, beech 30CH, crab apple 30CH, cerato 30CH, holly 30CH, impatiens 30CH, scleranthus 30CH.