BioPhotonic Temple Warrior – Lung

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Concentrated Botanical Tincture (2 oz.)

Botanical causal chain blend to provide TCM support for immune and lung deficiency


Temple Warrior is a BioPhotonic Spagyric ethno-botanical tincture formulation based on Gan Mao Ling & Yin Qia classical, patented Chinese formulas recommended when a common cold or flu virus is developing. Well known as “Miraculous Cold Formula” this trusted combination is recommended in the early stage of a cold, usually the first 24 to 36 hours, when symptoms of sore throat, runny nose or slight malaise are noticed. The tincture can be used for the duration of the cold for throat, lungs, and sinuses.

According to Chinese medical theory, cold and flu viruses are abundant in the air we breathe, and the “wind” blowing into our nose and mouth may drive the pathogen deep into the body. Once inside the body, the cold/flu virus can trigger an upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, and a host of other symptoms.

Chinese herbalists believe that cold/flu germs remain on the “surface” for a short period of time after entering the body. It is during this critical time that this herbal formula can be most effective in helping ignite and promote the body’s immunity.

This formula has long been used in China to help the body relieve stress from symptoms associated with both wind-cold (colds) and wind-heat (flu). TCM practitioners know that these herbal patent formulas may be useful in lessening the severity of cold/flu symptoms by providing strength and nourishment immediately after the body becomes infected. Temple Warrior can be taken at the early stages of a cold, throughout the infection, and for a few days afterwards to solidify the healing process.

It may also be used preventatively, especially when the patient is run down or is in the vicinity of groupings of infected people such as in airplanes, offices, schools, etc.

Temple Warrior Ingredients: Isatis (root) (Baphicacanthus cusia), andrographis (aerial parts) (Andrographis paniculata), baphicacanthus (leaf) (Isatis tinctoria), scutellaria (fruit) (Scutellaria baicalensis), forsythia (fruit) (Forsythia suspensa), lonicera (flower) (Lonicera japonica), wild chrysanthemum (flower) (Chrysanthemum indicum), xanthium (Xanthium sibiricum), magnolia (flower) (Magnolia liliiflora), ledebouriella (root) (Ledebouriella divaricatum), platycodon (root) (Platycodon grandiflorum), citrus (peel) (Citrus reticulata), angelica (root) (Angelica dahurica), licorice (root) (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), fenugreek (seed) (Trigonella foenum-graecum), naturally occurring trace minerals (magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, fulvic acid, potassium), shilajit 8-10:1 extract.

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