Light Therapy- Omnilux Clear Face (Acne)

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  • Reduces active acne and blemishes, redness & inflammation
  • Helps clear breakouts faster
  • Reduces and helps soften the appearance of acne scarring
  • All natural, no pain, side effects or downtime
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Omnilux Clear Face Light Therapy Device (Acne)

What is the difference between Contour and Clear Devices?

Our Contour devices have LED bulbs that emit both red (633 nanometers) and near-infrared (830 nanometers) wavelengths of light. Red light helps prompt cellular repair and circulation for a more vibrant complexion. Near-infrared light stimulates new collagen and elastin production, resulting in plumper, firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Our Clear device has LED bulbs that emit both blue (415 nanometers) and red (633 nanometers) wavelengths of light. Blue light works on a cellular level to neutralize and kill acne-forming bacteria on the surface of the skin. Red light reduces inflammation, boosts blood oxygen levels in the skin, and reduces sebum (oil) production by targeting the sebaceous glands.

Omnilux Men devices have LED bulbs that emit red (633 nanometers) and near-infrared (830 nanometers and 1072 nanometers) wavelengths of light. Red light helps prompt cellular repair and circulation for a more vibrant complexion. Near-infrared light stimulates new collagen and elastin production, resulting in plumper, firmer, more youthful-looking skin. 1072nm is ideal for men’s thicker skin as it penetrates deeper into the skin.

Although all devices have red light, they are indicated for different skin concerns.

What is the best LED Light Therapy for me?

This all depends on your specific skin concerns. If you would like to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, either the Contour or Omnilux Men devices may be best for you. If you would like to target acne and reduce breakouts, we recommend the Clear device.

Do I need to clean the device? How do I clean it?

You should clean your device with a water-based wipe before every treatment. Baby wipes work great! Stubborn stains can be removed by wiping gently with 70% alcohol. Always softly wipe the LED side of the device and let air dry before starting treatment.

How do I charge my battery? How long should it charge for?

Select the appropriate plug-type wall socket adapter for your country and connect to the power supply plug.

Insert USB-C charging cable into the oval-shaped controller

The 3 lights on the controller will flash, indicating the level of charge. The controller battery will be fully charged when all 3 lights are illuminated. This can take up 5-6 hours.

Unplug controller once fully charged. *DO NOT OVER CHARGE*


How many treatments should I be able to complete on a full battery?

With proper use, you should be able to receive at least 10 individual treatments from a fully charged controller. Because the GLOVE device is equipped with more LEDs, charging may be more frequent, with about 3-4 individual treatments out of a full charge.


Are Omnilux Devices FDA cleared?

Yes! All Omnilux devices have been FDA and TGA cleared. In addition, all devices conform to international safety standards, including eye safety.

Can I use Omnilux devices while moving around or do I have to remain plugged into a wall outlet while using it?

One of the benefits of all our devices is that they are completely portable, so you can easily move around while wearing them. Some users like to lay back and relax, while others choose to move around their house during LED treatments!

Should I use the device in the morning or night?

Omnilux devices have benefits for both AM and PM users. Early Birds, wake up those skin cells, and start your day with an instant glow that lasts all day. Night Owls, ease your skin into its regenerative process and calm your skin for your best sleep. Consistency is key, so find what works best with your routine!

I am getting pimples after using the device, is that normal?

No, users should not experience pimples after treatments. Please be sure that you are cleaning your device thoroughly before each use to avoid bacteria growth on the device.

Omnilux Clear users: There may be a chance that you experience some acne breakouts after your initial treatments, as a result of your skin’s purging process. We encourage you to continue…

Are there any reverse side effects if I stop treatments?

To maintain best results, we advise that you continue with your Omnilux treatments. If you stop treatments, you may notice your skin starting to lose the progress it has made. It’s a commitment to bettering your skin, consistency will give the best results.

Do you have clinical studies?

Of Course! You can review our bibliography of over 40 clinical studies here.


DO NOT use the Omnilux Clear™ if you are a child under 14 years of age. The safety of the device for children younger than 14 years of age has NOT been tested and the risk is unknown.

DO NOT use the Omnilux Clear™ device to treat any other conditions apart from those listed in the indications for use (mild to moderateacne vulgaris). The Omnilux Clear™ device has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed, and the risk is unknown.