Viru-Tox Homeopathic Remedy

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Viru-Tox is an especially relevant homeopathic remedy for these days and times, complete with sarcodes, nosodes, low potentized botanicals for drainage and viral detoxification.

There are thousands of viruses and in humans they cause a wide range of disease. For instance, rhinoviruses cause colds, influenza viruses cause flu, adenoviruses cause various respiratory problems and rotaviruses cause gastroenteritis. Polioviruses can make their way to the spinal cord and cause paralysis, while coxsackie viruses and echoviruses sometimes infect the heart or the membranes surrounding the spinal cord, thyroid or lungs.
Herpes viruses cause cold sores, chickenpox and sexually transmitted, genital herpes. Other viruses may cause a variety of conditions from measles and mumps to potentially Cancers, etc. After entering the cell, the virus begins making identical viruses from the host cell’s protein. These new viruses may make their way back out through the host cell’s membrane, sometimes destroying the cell and then attacking new host cells. This process continues until the body develops enough antibodies and other defences to defeat the viral invaders.
Sometimes the virus seems to trigger “programmed cell death” or apoptosis (ap-op-TO-sis) that kills the cell.
A viral illness may not be caused by the virus itself, but by the body’s reaction to it. The immune system may kill cells in order to get rid of the virus that is inside them. This can cause serious illness if the cells being killed are core to the body’s functioning, like those in the lungs or central nervous system, or if the cells cannot
reproduce quickly enough to replace the ones being destroyed. As is apparent, the ECM and Intra-Cellular Matrices require significant decongestion and clarification as well as substantial nutritional uptake increase to restore the cellular communication pathways (RCCP). Also, attention should be paid towards stabilizing adrenal function particularly cortisol levels.

Disclaimer: Limited to licensed Healing Arts Professionals for clinical research purposes only. This guide is not for public distribution. The commentary is not meant to diagnose, treat or replace conventional treatment, and has not been approved or reviewed by the FDA, Health Canada, BMS, European Union Health Commission, South and Central American regulation agencies etc.

Viru-Tox Ingredients:
Adrenal 3X, 5X
Belladonna 12X, 30X
China officinalis 3X
Commiphora myrrha 3X, 6X
Crotalus horridus 8X
Gelsemium sempervirens 6X
Germanium sesquioxide 3X
Hydrastis canadensis 3X
Lachesis muta 10X
Liver 3X, 6X
Lomatium dissectum 3X
Lung 5X
Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6C
Nasturtium aquaticum 3X
Nux moschata or myristica 3X
Nux vomica 12X
Pyrogenium 30X, 60X
Spleen 5X
Tabebuia impetiginosa 3X
Thymus 5X
Thyroid 5X
Uncaria tomentosa 3X
Viral nosodes 30X, 60X, 200X, 1M

Concentrated Homaccord Tincture (2 oz.)
Multi-frequency homeopathic combination to temporarily relieve symptoms associated de-compensated virome sensitivities Temporarily Not Available in Oregon