Advanced PushCatch Detox System

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The ‘pushcatch’ concept was developed by Quicksilver Scientific and Dr. Shade to optimally support all three phases of detoxification. Potent nutrients and bitter phytochemicals help activate critical detoxification pathways like Nrf2 and optimize bile flow, to mobilize or ‘push’ toxins directionally through the body for excretion. Binding agents like charcoal and bentonite clay intercept or ‘catch’ mobilized toxins in the intestine, for elimination, preventing redistribution.*

The Advanced PushCatch® Detox System is a comprehensive and streamlined toxin removal protocol kit designed to support the efficient removal of toxins by supporting the body’s natural detoxification capabilities. It combines additional toxin removal support by including supplemental glutathione to provide antioxidant defense and immune stabilization, high dose phosphatidylcholine for healthy cellular membranes and toxin export, and targeted phytocompounds to support lymphatic drainage and kidney health – all key aspects of healthy and effective detoxification. 

Toxins surrounds us, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, household products and chemicals and more. When in a healthy state, the body’s natural detoxification pathways support the clearing and resetting of your systems at a cellular level, providing the foundation for health. However, today’s toxic burden can overwhelm the body’s detox capabilities.

The Advanced PushCatch® Detox System includes:

  • 2x Dr Shade’s Liver Sauce®
  • 2x Ultra Binder Stick Packs
  • 2x Kidney Care
  • 2x Liposomal Glutathione
  • 2x Membrane Mend™

Advanced PuschCatch Detox

2-Step PushCatch®

Improperly designed detox protocols can result in toxin recirculation of toxins throughout the body. Our two-step cleanse helps “push” toxins to the gut and “catches” them with binding agents for safe removal from the body. “Push” – Liver Sauce® blends phytonutrients and four potent bitters that support the phases of detox and help ‘push’ toxins through the body.* “Catch” – Binders are a crucial step in ‘catching’ and removing toxins from the body, helping to prevent toxic recirculation. Metals, pesticides, hormone mimics, mold toxins, and more: Ultra Binder® is designed to help remove them all.*

Advancing PushCatch® with Kidney Care, Liposomal Glutathione and MembraneMend™

Drainage is a vital aspect of safe and effective detoxification and the kidneys play a large role in this process. Kidney Care is effectively the drainage or ‘release’ aspect to the Advanced Push Catch system. Liposomal Glutathione is a powerful partner to Dr. Shade’s Liver Sauce for advanced detoxification. Known as our body’s master antioxidant, Liposomal Glutathione supports all three phases of detoxification. It is also a crucial ally in healthy aging and immunity.  A number of modern-day factors including toxins can disrupt the integrity and health of the cell’s membranes. Membrane Mend is designed to promote the health and resilience of cell and organelle membranes.    

Why BioSynchronous Activation™ is Important

If you were to administer these same ingredients as separate product dosages using capsules or powders, not only would you be taking handfuls of pills but the timing would be slow as you wait for the body to digest, process and metabolize the ingredients – which, depending on the ingredient, will occur at different rates creating a patchwork detox cycle that can take hours, is out of sync, less efficient, and sets you up for redistribution of toxins and unwanted detox reactions.   

Feel the Difference This novel program builds on 10+ years experience developing better detox protocols.

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